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This past weekend at BABScon, I was offered 7 peppers at the beginning of my set because I was super hungry. I made an agreement with the audience that I would repeat my final song after eating said peppers if people wanted, to which they said yes. The peppers given to me were sweet peppers in actuality, but being the ham that I am, I played it up. However, I felt really bad about lying, so I decided to get a video of me doing the real thing. The results are far better than the staged one because holy fucking hell these were apparently not even all that hot on the scovil unit thing. Anyways, here’s me attempting to do this again with a real hot pepper.


Fucking glorious.

dammit mic

He’s dead Jim, also me and Jay did it too

  • Track Name

    Mission Briefing

  • Album

    Pay Day 2

  • Artist

    The Elephant


Gentlemen this fandom has been beating a dead horse for long enough. Today’s mission is simple. Go into DHX head quarters, and sabotage as much footage as you can. Steal any documents retaining to this shows existence and production. Leave without a trace. 

Today’s lesson that everyone will be learning around the globe is that friendship is tragic. 

Now lets make this world about 20% cleaner. 

Good luck.

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