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Gentlemen this fandom has been beating a dead horse for long enough. Today’s mission is simple. Go into DHX head quarters, and sabotage as much footage as you can. Steal any documents retaining to this shows existence and production. Leave without a trace. 

Today’s lesson that everyone will be learning around the globe is that friendship is tragic. 

Now lets make this world about 20% cleaner. 

Good luck.




So today, I came across this.

That’s right.

Modern Warfare 3 will have a DLC with Snoop Dogg narrations.

I just…  This is…  This is beyond hilarious.
Someone come up with a more descriptive word than “hilarious” for me.

this game is starting to look up

True MLG gaming!

Tool on deck homie, you best gat dat fool unless you want an AC 130 spittin fire on ya’ll niggas.

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